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Many people in small business have reported adverse impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic that have ranged from medium to severe.

For many small business owners the financial impact, let alone the business and social impacts, continue to severely impact the local business landscape. There are many small business owners in need of a support system that will enable them to recover.

A partnership was formed between the City of Newcastle and the Business Improvement Associations (BIA’s) of the City along with pro bono support from professional service providers to business such as government and non-government agencies, banks and financial service providers, mental health and well-being providers, all with capability and capacity and the good will to lean in and help each other.

The belief that working together and providing in a low rent space with access to expert and business support and advice in one place in the heart of the City was just the right thing to do at this time to provide invaluable support and advice to small business owners.

Our hope is that it will create new ways for our region to help build a framework designed to create easy ways for our small business owners and the wider business community to connect. Ultimately it is about making sure that people who are looking to preserve, protect or create business have access to the right support to help them build a resilient and sustainable business.

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